Bottle Tree


February 13, 2017


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This is my bottle tree.  I love my bottle tree. I love looking at the way the sun reflects off the glass. I love the way it sparkles and spreads colorful light everywhere. I love it during Christmas time when I string white twinkle lights all over it and it just looks so adorable and festive.  It makes me happy.  This project has been years in the making.  First, I had to convince my hubby that I really did want a dead tree cemented in my back yard.  (Not the easiest of feats.) So he very kindly went out and found a big old tree that was dead and trimmed it up all nice and pretty and secured it in the ground by the back patio. It needed to have thick sturdy branches that were still thin enough to slide a bottle on.  The branch needs to go all the way in and not weigh the branch down.  If it does, you’ll have glass everywhere at your first windstorm.  (And unfortunately, it’s much windier than I would like around these parts.) Then all you do is find some beautiful colored glass bottles to put on there. It is a work in progress and that’s one of the things I love about it.  Everywhere I go, I’m on the search for new colored glass bottles I can add to my tree.  Garage Sales are definitely one of the best places I’ve found.  Especially from old people who have kept all sorts of weird stuff.  Deseret Industries, Savers, Salvation Army, etc. are all great places too.  Every once in a while, I’ll actually buy one at the store if I’m absolutely in love with it.  But I’m a little too cheap to do that often.  The really thick bottles are definitely sturdier, but pretty much any are okay, as long as you can get them secured on the branch well.  Before I had the tree, all these beauties sat on top of the cupboards in my kitchen.  I loved that too.  (I just hated dusting them.)  I love when I can find treasures that are bright and fun.  What types of things do you like to collect? What adds color to your world?

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