It’s been a bit since we’ve visited.  Last week, we were so sick.  Ugh.  So frustrating.  There’s so much to do every day that having everyone being sick just isn’t part of the plan.  So I’m sitting here locked in my office while the carpet cleaners attempt to get the throw up stains out of the carpet in our family/game room…yep this blog just got real.  My youngest decided to lose her red gatorade all over the plush carpet.  Sigh.  I’ve used these guys before, so I have confidence in their abilities, but it still wasn’t part of the plan.  (Thank you stgcleanestcarpets.com !) I love our family room, so I’ll be extra happy when the carpets are finally all fresh again.   As you probably guessed, it involves more of my collecting.  Disney.  This room is all things Disney.  I have a few puzzles we’ve done hanging on the walls.  Some old movie posters.  Some things homemade and some things from the Disney Store or Disneyland / Disneyworld. I also have a whole adorable pin board that I put all my pins I collect on. I love going to Disneyland / Disneyworld and collecting this fun treasures…and also trading them.  I love all the pictures of our Disney trips plastering the walls.  The walls are painted with bright yellow, red, white, and black colors.  It is a fun room. There’s a huge closet full of games with a large table for playing across from it.  A pool table on one end with french doors to the backyard on the other side.  The other end of the room has a kitchenette with a popcorn machine.  Through the doors by that there is a theater room with recliners on a recess. I love that area of our house.  It’s my favorite place to hang with my family. I wish I had a picture of it….but right now it’s full of carpet cleaning equipment.  So I’ll just show some of my collection of pins.  🙂

Do you like Disney?  Do you collect anything fun?  Is there something else you love? (Like my daughter’s Harry Potter room?  She’s obsessed!)

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