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February 16, 2017


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I love enamelware.  Everything about it.  It screams vintage and reminds me of a bygone era when life was slower and simpler. It’s been around since the 18th century.  My grandma had a whole bunch of this at her house.  When she passed, I got most of it.  And since then, I’m constantly on the lookout for more of these amazing pieces.  When they’re not in the best shape, they stay out in my garden and they are absolutely perfect out there (with my bottle tree) as decorations or filled with flowers.  I have lots of them as decoration in my kitchen on top of my cupboards and in an old shelf that they look really cool on. A few pieces in the kitchen even get used.  I found a fabulous bread box that sits so cutely on my counter and holds my bread. (When we’re actually eating bread….at the moment we’re doing Whole30, but that’s a totally different story/blog.) Enamelware is also great for picnics.  The plates are lightweight, but so much sturdier than plastic or paper.  You can find it at thrift stores, or even new stuff at supermarkets and chains.  If you’re a purist, only get the Falcon brand (just add a few zeros to the price).  It comes in several colors like greys, blues, greens, and a white that is kind of a milky color.  I prefer the white the most. It often has colored trim that is blue or even red.  I love enamelware.

Do you have any pieces?  What ones are your favorites?

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