Gameboy collectibles

So the other day I was trolling online when I saw some interesting click bait. The link said, “15 things in your house that might be worth a fortune” My train of thought was basically, ‘hey I collect a whole bunch of stuff and I’m from the 80’s, maybe I could become a millionaire!’ So I clicked on the link.

As I scrolled through the list of stuff I realized that most of the stuff on the list was pretty rare, and growing up I didn’t keep many toys. But then I saw that one of the items was a list of gameboy stuff. I remembered faintly in the back of my head that I had a lot of gameboy stuff in a storage unit somewhere. I got right to work finding it.

While searching for my gameboy collectibles, a couple things come to mind, it hit me that I had a lot of cool collections back here that I forgot about. Maybe I’ll talk about them in one of my future posts. Anyway, another thing that really hit me was that I needed to do something about all of the bugs that had infested my unit. I picked up a painting that some random high school buddy gave me for my wedding of a goose, and a spider crawled off of it and onto my arm. Ewwwww… There was also a huge nest of cockroaches in the back that made a home out of some blankets. I needed to act.

So I googled, ‘pest control in St. George‘ and a few options came up. I decided to go with some local guy who seemed qualified. He did a really good job and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone. After that affair was dealt with, I discovered that one of my atari games was worth $120 dollars!! However, I didn’t end up selling it because I wanted to wait for it’s price to go up. Greedy? Maybe. Do I care? Not really ­čśë

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